Bakery Design & Fitouts

Bakery design and fitouts

Are you planning to establish your bakery or do you want to renovate your existing bakery shop? Having a bakery shop requires not only the delicious bread to be served to your customers but also the time, management and efficiency to make it work well. Matty’s Group design and fitout provide you with high-quality bakery design and fitout solutions. Our design experts will help you select the right commodities and bakery equipment to lessen the hassle rushing from one of the kitchens to another.

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Bakery Design – Interior and Display

A bakery generally has a warm and inviting interior. Modern audience demands authenticity in taste and ambience, so it’s better to include warmth and character to your interior. Opt for natural materials like wood, since the grain and tones in timber finishing and furnishing can add warmth and a sense of homeliness to your bakery.

We provide you with top-quality bakery interior and display solutions. Your bakery products need to pop, but the display itself should match the character of your bakery interior. Opt for glass cases, and keep your products protected from the dust and other elements, preventing them from drying out or going stale. If you think that glass cabinets are a bit basic, then you can invest in wooden slab and cabinets. To display your bread, place them on wooden baskets, wire racks. This will enhance the overall look of your bakery and increase the appetite of your customers.

Bakery Fitouts in Australia

Bakery shop design and fitouts are our specialties at Matty’s Group design and fitout. Our team consists of qualified and is fully focused designers and fitout experts, who make sure that you are satisfied with the result. No matter what size your bakery is, our specialists will select equipment and layout options that will resonate with your bakery space and menu offering. We provide a wide range of quality bakery equipment perfectly suited for all types of bakeries. Custom display refrigerators, benchtop mixers, combi ovens, bakeware, and custom trolleys are just a few of the equipment we sell to our customers running a busy bakery.

How much does it cost?

The cost heavily depends on the materials and equipment used for the fitout. Large bakeries can often invest up to $300,000 requiring heavy-duty equipment. For smaller bakery shops the fitout cost can range from $90,000 to $200,000. Our competitive pricing options allow you to plan your budget. Establishing and marinating a bakery shop can be expensive, so make sure to give us a call to discuss fitout options that coincide with the budget.

How Matty’s Equipment can help you out?

Our team provides the highest quality commercial fit outs, equipment and appliances. If you design your butchery with us, you can avoid the hassle of having to deal with multiple contractors and suppliers. Best of all, we’ll guide you through the whole design and fit out process so that you’re getting the exact butchery you want.

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